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Working on both Government funded research programs and with private companies on bespoke chemistries.

Carbon abatement projects include...

Reduction of CO2 to elemental carbon:
Stoichiometric reduction of hot carbon dioxide using metallic magnesium.  This results in the isolation of carbon and magnesium oxide.  Using the thermal energy of the hitherto hot emission waste, elemental magnesium can be recycled over and over again.  Key added value by-products from this process include hydrogen and chlorine.

                Application:  Generation of materials

Creation of formic acid from CO2 via transfer hydrogenation:

A novel adaptation of a pericyclic displacement resulting in the formation of methanoic acid from carbon dioxide and propan-2-ol.  The process is catalytically driven using a series of 2nd row transition metals and a suitable organic scaffold acting as a ligand.  The disproportionation of the hydride donor results in the generation of a value added ketone.    

                Application:  Fine chemicals and materials

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